Case Study: Agent Provocateur Manages An Average CTR of 0.25%

Agent Provocateur, a British retailer that specializing in exquisite lingerie and striking nightwear, has partnered with Sociomantic for the last two years. Last year, the company faced a new goal: to find new potential customers with a higher likelihood of conversion and to drive this set of specific shoppers to its website.

Using its Glass Box approach, user-level frequency capping and look-alike modeling for prospecting, Sociomantic’s campaign delivered:

  • more than 1.2 million impressions
  • an average CTR of 0.25% (CTR reached as high as 0.33%)
  • a 92.35% share of new audience
  • a bounce rate of only 26.44%
  • an average of 3.65 pages per session
  • an average of 00:02:31 time spent on site

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