Case Study: Leading Fitness Brand Drives 34% Increase in Site Traffic During Competitive Season

This global fitness brand asked Sociomantic to help them win big during arguably the most competitive sporting event of the year. The main campaign goals were to drive new and existing shoppers to the retailer’s e-commerce site, and to convert those individuals into purchasers — all during a peak three-month window when promotions from competitors would be at their highest.

To reach those objectives, Sociomantic ran parallel prospecting and retargeting campaigns across desktop and mobile, boosting the pool of individuals that visited the retailer’s site, and strengthening the efficiency of its retargeting efforts. The team also ran an A/B creative test to determine which of the retailer’s promotional messaging would drive stronger engagement.

The results? A CPV of $1.35 (lower than the initial $1.50 CPV target), a 34% increase in site traffic, and a 137% improvement in ROAS.

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