World-Low Cost Airlines Congress, at the Aviation Festival

The UK's Premier Conference for Airlines

In its 12th year running, the Aviation Festival is a gathering of senior executives from airlines and airports across the world. Over the course of two days, on the 15th-16th September, the global aviation industry meet, network and share ideas across five different events: World Low Cost Airlines Congress, AirXperience, Aviation IT Show, Air Retail Show and The Aviation Interiors Show.

Sociomantic will be at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress, where senior-level attendees representing low cost airlines from around the world, such as CEOs from Vueling, Brussels Airlines and KLM, will be meeting to discuss and learn innovative ways to boost profits and improve the passenger experience from flight search through to booking, departure, arrival and beyond.

Jonathan Setty, Commercial Director UK, will be hosting two 45-minute technology and strategy roundtables on Tuesday, 15th September.

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Table 9:
The Path to Programmatic: How Can Airlines Leverage Customer Data to Increase Engagement, Sales and Loyalty.

If you’re interested in attending, feel free to reach out to Sociomantic London!

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