The fourth annual official D programming language conference heads to Berlin


DConf 2016, the premier event for exchanging insights and ideas on all things related to the D programming language, is heading to Europe this spring from May 4th-6th. DConf is hosted by the D Language Foundation, and Sociomantic Labs is proud to be sponsoring the event this year in its home city, Berlin.

The D programming language, originally created in 2001 by Walter Bright and further developed in 2005 by Andrei Alexandrescu, is a high-level language that can interface directly with the operating system’s APIs and hardware. Bright and Alexandrescu’s main goal was to create a modern language that has the performance of C++ but with more convenience, simplicity and adaptability.

DConf was born in 2013 to give developers a forum to share best practices, new tools and techniques, and to spark conversations about potential issues and roadblocks. This year’s conference will have 18 speakers and 22 sessions, and will feature lively discussions, inspirational presentations and fun evening activities. There will be a variety of session topics, ranging from closer examining D compiler internals to using floating point in D to even how D coding was used in the video game Quantum Break. See here for the full lineup.

Ready to sign up? Registration is currently open until April 22nd, but spots are filling up fast so don’t delay!

If you have any questions, please contact the D Language Foundation at dconf2016@digitalmars.com. All registration proceeds (aside from conference-related costs) will go to the D Language Foundation to help foster adoption of the D programming language.

With already over 110 confirmed attendees, we are looking forward to the biggest #dlang event yet!

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