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Online Marketing Rockstars 2018

Register for the Guided Tour – “Data Driven & Programmatic Advertising”  

Online Marketing Rockstars is a Festival, an Expo and a Conference all in one – the place for networking, entertainment and inspiration around digital marketing. In 2017 it had 25000 attendees and for 2018 there are 40000 attendees expected in Hamburg.

Sociomantic has a long history together with the OMR team and their founder Philipp Westermeyer. Lothar already presented the company at the first OMR in 2010, where he talked about the new rising ecosystem of programmatic advertising (formerly called Real-Time Bidding). In previous conferences Sociomantic hosted Masterclasses, presented at the main stage and Lothar attended as a stage expert to raise questions to the presenters. This time, he’s been given the amazing opportunity to give insights into programmatic advertising and introduce relevant companies to the attendees of the Guided Tour he is giving. The scope of the tour varies from personal experience in display advertising to general hints on how to spend budgets over specific company offerings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Lothar’s Guided Tour on “Data Driven & Programmatic Advertising” at OMR. As VP of Sociomantic’s Global Advisory Services he is a true expert when it comes to digital marketing and as one of the first Sociomantic employees he was one of the responsibles for the company‘s global expansion. Before Sociomantic, he woked at companies such as eBay, Zanox and Zalando.


Thu., 22.03., 11:00 – 11:45 (German)
Thu., 22.03., 14:45 – 15:30 (English)

The registration phase starts March 5 and you can find more information about Lothar’s Tour here. To register for the Guided tour, follow this link.

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