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Web Developer (CSS Specialist)

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Solving problems is fun, right? But you keep it simple, right? You’re interested in all things Web and keen to push it forward. You know what this is in this context and why display: flex is a wonderful thing. There are things you want to build, there are things you wish you knew how to build. You’re a team player. You just managed to refactor 250 lines down to 40. That’s satisfying. You document your code. You’re versatile, so context switching just keeps things interesting.

Your Mission
  • Developing and maintaining the look and feel of HTML5 websites and applications
  • Converting concepts and wireframes to code (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Implementing responsive layouts
  • Keep an eye on performance and simplicity
  • Ensure cross-browser quality and graceful degradation
Your Track Record
  • In-depth knowledge of modern HTML and CSS (including CSS preprocessors like Sass or PostCSS)
  • Intermediate knowledge of modern JavaScript and the DOM
  • Interest in learning current JS frameworks (such as React, etc.), CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and component libraries like Material-UI
  • Interest in using other commonly-used web languages such as PHP and Ruby and/or creating WordPress themes and plugins
  • Comfortable using and configuring JS-based build tools such as Webpack
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
Your Style
  • You’re passionate about web design, clean code and semantic markup
  • You think about the “big picture”: taking into account technical, design and UX considerations
  • Proactive and energetic work ethic
  • You think in achievements, not in departments, responsibilities or hierarchies
  • As a quick learner, first mover and fast thinker you can keep pace with one of the fastest growing technology start ups
  • You are driven by curiosity and innovation, and always up for a good challenge
Our Promise
  • Employment in Berlin, full-time and full of fun challenges, with flexible working hours
  • Personal development and training that will help you evolve in your position
  • A company culture driven by pioneer-thinking and talent that exceeds departments and hierarchies
Want to apply? Please send us a motivational cover letter and resume in English. Feel free to include any code samples or a link to your GitHub profile.
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