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Sociomantic Berlin is where it all started – it’s the epicenter, the birth place of a great idea, the heart of the company. But stop by the office and it’s far from Berlin centric. It’s a true melting pot of people, cultures, languages and more. It’s an eclectic group – and it’s pure Sociomantic every which way you slice it. From the giant chess board on the main floor, to the remnants of the office’s industrial past – it’s a fun place to work during business hours, and after-hours thanks to the ample abundance of musical talent including DJs and a house band affectionately named Ofir and the Banners. It truly embodies the work-hard, play-hard attitude that’s been duplicated throughout the world in our other offices.

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dunnhumby Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 10999 Berlin
Sales: Diana Loriot, Country Manager Media, Germany T +49 (0) 30 30 87 46 15 F +49 (0) 30 30 87 46 19 www.sociomantic.com

Fun Facts

Keeping the beat – We listen to an average of 89 hours of music per day, and read an average of 42 books per month.

It's a circus – Tight rope walking, sailing, hitch-hiking, hoola hooping, longboarding and Go kart driving are just a few of our hidden talents.

Food supply – Baraka, Chan, Hamburger Heaven, Yellow Sunshine and Prisma are go-to lunch spots. We also frequent Kado, a specialty licorice shop close by, that boasts hundreds of different licorice flavors.