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Sociomantic Prague sits on the left bank of the Vltava river, in the heart of the Anděl neighborhood, just three tram stops away from historical sights such as the Charles Bridge, the Malá Strana bridge tower and the Prague castle. This area is also known as the hub of online businesses as well as media houses and agencies. With so many offices in the neighborhood, the Anděl subway station is always crowded — but with Petřín hill right next door, we have plenty of space to relax after a busy day of e-commerce and programmatic!

The Czech Republic is a leader in e-commerce with more than 37,000 active web stores, which means one online shop per 200 internet users. This tough competition was one of the reasons we decided to open our Prague office: we are thrilled to help Czech advertisers to reap the benefits of programmatic display.

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Sociomantic Labs s.r.o Štefánikova 18/25 Praha, 150 00
Sales: Lukáš Pešek, Commercial Director CZ/SK www.sociomantic.com

Fun Facts

Architectural fiasco – The building across the street is an infamous landmark that every Prague resident knows as "the ugly bank". It is still one of our favorites, at least it helps us find our office easily!

Close to heaven – Not only our subway station is called Anděl (the Angel), but our office is also located at the top floor of our building.

Sorry, no vegans – The famous steakhouse, "El Barrio de Angel" is right behind our office so it has quickly become our go-to-spot for a good protein feast.