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Our office sits in the heart of Taipei, just a few blocks away from 101 Building, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, and Song Shan cultural park. This is such a lively and diverse city: on one hand it is clean and convenient (not surprisingly, since Taiwan is the country with the highest convenience store density worldwide). On the other hand, it is creative and quirky— a cultural hot spot with facilities like Songshan Cultural Park where you can attend all kinds of shows and exhibitions, buy local designer goods and even taste the world’s best bread!

Taipei is also the political and economic center of Taiwan and provides plenty of opportunities for both jobseekers and businesses. It is the perfect environment for us to help local brands forge into the digital era with personalized ads that are tailor-made for each and every consumer in the Taiwanese market.

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Sociomantic Labs No.102, Guangfu S. Rd. Taipei
Sales: Ivan Zhou, Commercial Director, Greater China +886-2-2731-0316 www.sociomantic.com

Fun Facts

Famous encounters: In our small building, it is not unlikely to bump into some cool celebrities. So always keep a pen on hand, you never know when you will score an autograph!

Bread champions: All bread in Taiwan is awesome, but if you want the best of the best, go for the one made by Wu Pao-chun, the world champion of baking! You can get it at Songshan Cultural Park, just a few minutes walk from our office.

City on wheels: The easiest way to discover Taipei is renting a "Ubike” at any MRT station. Ride at your own speed, enjoy the fresh breeze and don’t forget to stop by a local street-food stand. But hurry, only the first 30 minutes are free and there are too many delicious snacks to try!