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Your customers love great products, good deals, spot-on recommendations and memorable user experiences. Your CRM data allows you to give them all this in real time while optimizing for your goals. The result: ads as individual as your customers and strategies as unique as your shop.

Personalized Creatives

Dynamic creative optimization allows you to custom-tailor every ad to the customer or prospect who sees it. Our product recommendation engine uses your CRM and shop data to maximize the relevancy of your messages in a matter of milliseconds.

User-Individual Prices

Our turbo-charged real-time bidder calculates an individual bid for each ad impression, maximizing efficiency for every cent you spend. Custom segments built on your business goals help you balance your investments for sustainable revenue growth.

Strategic Priority Scores

Product priority scoring helps you sell more of the products that deliver the most value for you. Highest margin, promotions, seasonal special offers, overstock, these scores allow you to fine-tune the recommendation algorithm to your business goals.

Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Reach

Your customers shop across different devices, browsers, and platforms — especially when hunting for limited-time offers. Sociomantic’s HTML5-based dynamic ads run beautifully across connected devices — even on Flash-free iOS devices.

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Now you can deliver display ads that are powered by your revenue management, loyalty, passenger and CRM databases. Dynamic ads are created on the fly for each and every customer or prospect – so you’re not just managing demand, you’re generating it. 

Dynamic Ads Powered by Customer Data

Departure, destination, date, duration and more: real-time user shopping data helps you deliver the perfect travel offer at the right instant. Combined with historical CRM data, you can treat your best customers right.

Driving Demand with Revenue Management Data

Why settle for managing demand when you could have an engine that helps you to generate it? By syncing with your revenue management systems, we can make your ad spend work harder to fill your most important seats or rooms.

Upsell to Grow CLV

Business flight? Suggest a hotel near the airport. Family package holiday? Offer the right insurance options. World trip? Might need a rental car. Sociomantic helps you promote complementary offers that make customers’ lives easier and grow lifetime value.

Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Reach

Travelers are mobile by nature. With device-agnostic HTML5 banners, you can reach your customers wherever they surf the web, regardless of screen size, operating systems, browsers or apps – even on Flash-free iOS devices.

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Classified shoppers often know exactly what they’re looking for. Our Streaming technology can keep up with the pace that your site changes, so you can delight customers by recommending the perfect match in display ads across the web. 

Holistic Campaign Optimization

We optimize every ad by matching your goals with your user’s needs. To find the perfect match, we combine real-time user profiles with streams of shop, performance, and yield data. The result: higher budget efficiency and better ROI.

No Need For Feeds: Stream Your Product Listings

Our streaming technology is faster, easier, and more flexible than a product feed. It allows us to access and process real-time information about every single listing, including offer availability and duration.

Listing and Vendor Prioritization

Use strategic Priority Scoring to boost exposure for your preferred vendors and listings. Want to boost sales for your highest-margin partners? We can optimize your campaigns accordingly, so you can fine-tune your yield management.

Geo Targeting

For Classifieds marketers, location can be everything. With Geo Targeting, you can limit the scope of the listings recommended to a certain location, and even set a different pricing and bidding strategy for each unique country, region or city.


How can you win customers and keep them coming back? Woo them with relevant, personalized offers and delight them with memorable user experiences across the web. Consumers are looking to connect, and you can be the one to meet their needs, if you can reach them with the right offer at the perfect instant.

User-Individual Personalization

A shopper’s behavior on your website can say a lot about what he or she might need. Browsing Smartphones? Our display ads can recommend the perfect data plan. Looking for pre-paid SIM cards? Display your latest special offers for devices.

More New Customers, Happier Existing Customers

Promote your latest special rates for prospects while growing your relationship with existing customer with strategically timed offers. Your data plus our technology can help you address every segment according to user needs.

Up- and Cross-Selling with Streaming CRM

If a customer bought herself the latest tablet, she might need a device insurance. If another exceeds his data limit month after month, perhaps he should be offered a contract upgrade. Use Streaming CRM to up- and cross-sell to existing customers while ensuring 100 percent relevancy.

Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Reach

Your customers have mobile in their DNA, and are no doubt looking for Telco deals on the go. That’s why we built our dynamic ads with device-agnostic HTML5, so they can run beautifully across connected devices — even on Flash-free iOS devices.


Your customers are spoiled for choice, which is why you need to reach them before they hit the shelves. With advanced targeting capabilities and global scale, we can help you reach your target audience with a digital brand experience that cuts through the clutter.

Audience Access

We’ll help you define and find your audience online, delivering your brand message across desktop, mobile and social inventory. With access to billions of impressions daily, you can drive brand awareness and increase engagement with volumes of new customers.

Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Reach

Our ads are built with device-agnostic HTML5 technology, so they can reach your audience wherever they may be online. Link your brand story across all connected devices — regardless of screen size, operating system, browser or app — so you can always reach them at the right place and at the right time.

Real-Time Insights & Optimization

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing spend. With our real-time reporting and optimization, you’ll know exactly how hard your advertising spend is working at every second, so you can maximize your budget efficiency in an instant.

Customer Service

Though we spent our early years building the core technology, today our biggest team is dedicated to Client Care, and we take customer service seriously. Our digital experts will provide hands-on assistance throughout the life of your campaigns to ensure we reach your goals.


As a partner in their life planning, your customers expect security, reliability and value from you. Sociomantic helps you achieve this in your online advertising strategy. Using your first-party data, we create relevant messages through personalization while ensuring 100% data safety and transparency.

Personalized Messages

Dynamic creative optimization allows you to custom-tailor every ad to the customer or prospect who sees it. Use your CRM and website data to maximize the relevancy and value of your messages, all in a matter of milliseconds.

User-Individual Investments

Our turbo-charged real-time bidder calculates an individual bid for each ad impression, maximizing efficiency for every cent you spend. Custom segments built on your business goals help you balance your investments for sustainable revenue growth.

Data Security and Integrity

Data security and transparency have been topping our priority list from day one. That’s why we adhere to the EDAA’s’s self-regulatory program for online advertising. Every ad we serve carries an icon that users can click to learn more and exercise choice about the use of their data.

Upselling Real Value

Insurance for new home owners, a credit card for account holders or an upgrade for your most loyal customers. Our technology helps you support your clients’ life planning while helping you grow customer lifetime value.

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The Sociomantic Difference

  • Full-Funnel Display Solutions
  • Desktop, Mobile and Social Reach
  • Cross-Device Targeting
  • User-Individual Product Recommendations
  • Local Expertise
  • Variable KPI Optimization
  • Streaming CRM
  • User-Individual Frequency Cap
  • Real-Time Reporting Interface
  • Access to More than 75 Billion Impressions per Day
  • Global Experience in 60+ Markets
  • Product Priority Scoring
  • CLV Optimization
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions