Why Streaming CRM Changes Everything for Travel Suppliers

Streaming CRM enables travel marketers to harness the value of their enterprise data to deliver individually personalized, dynamic advertising for the full funnel—helping travel suppliers turn eyes into buys.


First-Party Data is a First-Class Opportunity

When travel suppliers have the chance to combine audience, customer and revenue management data to create personalized online ads on-the-fly, they win big. That’s why we launched Streaming CRM for Travel, the industry’s first display advertising solution that gives travel marketers that opportunity.

Combining rich audience data with inventory management data will transform revenue management from a system for managing inbound demand to one for generating new demand and ancillary sales through personalized ads delivered online, across the mobile web and in mobile apps. Streaming CRM for Travel offers marketers a more sophisticated approach to digital advertising and revenue management that closes the loop between an empty seat, hotel room or rental car and the eager travelers who want to fill them.

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