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Adopting Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

Innovations built for an always-changing, always-growing industry.

Innovation has been at the core of our development approach since the company’s inception. Our inclination towards innovation led us to look beyond the standard options and build our back end from scratch in the young and dexterous
D programming language. Same applies to our ads: we believed from the start that mobile is the future, so we innovated dynamic banners built with device-agnostic HTML5 long before the industry had hailed the end of Flash. When it comes to data, the future clearly points to real-time, so we built our stack to be entirely stream-based, so that we’re never working with stale data. All of these innovations have saved us a lot of time — and our clients a lot of money — in the long run.

Mission: Possible

We love building scalable,
reliable, customizable systems that
can grow with you.

We want to be able to innovate and adapt around our customers’ needs, and we want to do so with full agility — 24/7/365. That’s why we’ve built our own systems from the ground up — from database to interface, from bidder to dynamic banners, we’ve built a fully-loaded display advertising stack that’s been fine-tuned for performance.  Everything above the operating system kernel has been innovated by our engineering team, so that we can guarantee the stable and scalable systems our clients need, and so we can deliver the specialized solutions that will help them get ahead.


Real-Time for the Real World

Your customers are acting in real-time
— so why stop with bidding?

When it comes to real-time tech, bidding is just the beginning. When we upload a creative design, it hits the web within milliseconds. When a shopper completes a payment, the sale shows up instantly in our reporting interface. When a browser checks a shoe size, their user profile is updated faster than you can blink. The moment you run out of stock, our ads can exclude that product. In eCommerce, real-time translates to real value, so we’ve built a fully stream-based system that
moves at the speed of life.

Lean, Mean and Streamed

Our lean, agile technologies deliver
more with less.

Our real-time bidder can make a decision within a few hundred microseconds, using our proprietary low-latency network to take into account every byte of data that impacts our clients’ businesses. Our 100 percent D language back end, native asynchronous JavaScript tracking, HTML5 personalized ads, and full event-driven systems are just a few examples of where we’re cutting to the chase so we can deliver more. Translation: less waste, more work for every cent our clients spend.


Dynamic Ads That Work Across Devices

The world’s growing more mobile,
and our ads are ready.

Flash may be a standard, but it’s not a path to the future. Our flash-free HTML5 banners run anywhere on the web, on any device or browser — even Safari —with the same impression-by-impression personalization technologies that make our ads excel on the desktop. Not only that, but our ads and tracking load asynchronously — meaning they work well with publisher and advertiser sites, not against them. Mobile convergence has arrived. We’ve been ready for years.

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