The A to Z of Programmatic: 4th Edition

Do the terms companion banner and quartiles cause question marks in your head? Digital advertising comes with its own vocabulary, and if you’re new to the industry, the terms can be downright puzzling.

The A to Z of Programmatic (formerly known as our Programmatic Jargon Buster) helps you look like a programmatic pro in front of your colleagues. This edition includes terms across all different facets of programmatic, from mobile to in-app to video.

Download this guide to get a refresher on programmatic terms like:

• Day N
• Negative retargeting
• Quartiles
• In-stream and out-stream video
• Companion banner
• And many more!

If you’re looking to just brush up on programmatic video, check out this resource.

Did we miss a term? We’re constantly updating this guide, so email us with additional terms that you would like to have defined.

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